Winter Biking

The Winter Biking map came about as practice for creating public participatory geographic information systems (PPGIS) maps while I was a Mapping Analyst at the Early Child Mapping Project in Alberta. The initial map was built using esri products and housed on ECMap's servers but, when the Project became slated to close, a less expensive option was needed for both this map and ECMap's other maps.

This map is built using the LeafletJS API and, coming soon, CartoDB for storing the information. It relies on people to ride their bikes and then draw their experiences. While I work on finishing the backend, I have only really publicized the map in my home, Edmonton, Alberta. Data can actually be added anywhere on Earth.

Winter Biker

I am a GIS analyst and person who rides a bike. With undergraduate degrees in physics and geophysics, then a Masters of GIS, and now working towards a PhD in Human Geography, I prefer the technical side of GIS being used to map the social side of geography. I try to use Python and Javascript for analytics and mapping of social data. I'm especially interested in spatial data that people willingly or unknowingly provide to the public realm.

I've been riding my bike for nearly my whole life and have even taken part in road, mountain, and cyclocross races. I have been commuting by bike in the winter since my undergraduate days at the University of Alberta.

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